• Cleaning & Disinfecting For Stall (Cages)

Livestock Stalls (Cages)

Lightweight A330F & 747F Livestock Stalls (Cages)


ADC Air Cargo utilizes a Live Sheep/Goats/Pig/Calves & Cattle/ Heifers Cow/ Ostrich/ Deer & Camel Stalls Cages collapsible designed to maximize carrying capacity, minimize livestock stress and reduce freight costs.


Key Benefits include:

  • Lighter
  • Collapsible Designed Aluminum IATA Approve Stall (Cages)
  • Single , Double & Triple Deck Stalls (Cages)
  • Stronger & safer then disposable pens
  • Larger internal Useable Area than disposable pens
  • Environmentally Responsible